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SANITRADE S.r.l., founded in 1998 as a distribution agency to represent several prestigious manufacturing companies of high technological systems in the marine industry, is now a concrete reality also in the field of technical systems for the building industry and in the railways.

The primary activities of SANITRADE S.r.l. are the programming, sales & promotion, distribution and after-sales service of these systems.


SANITRADE was created with the aim to replace and expand the market space left by the previous EVAC srl, acquiring the agency, distribution and service by EVAC Oy, a Finnish company leader in the field of wastewater collection and treatment systems on ships.


SANITRADE  acquired later on other agencies, always in marine and in the civil market, as ballast water treatment (Hyde Marine), itinerant tourism systems (RACLET), bilge water separator (EPE), prefabricated wet cabins ( Maderas Jumilla), antiscale systems ( Hydropath Marine) etc..

The research, in collaboration with universities and with leading engineering, led to a growth in constant evolution, which led the company to become a leader in the manufacture of equipment with "Vacuum" technology .

Upon completion of the sale, installation and service of technology represented distributed, the Company develops products and their accessories, settles patent and diversifies into niche areas such as anti-fouling protection (Sanichlor) and cathodic protection (Sanipress) that require specific solutions.


SANITRADE caters to every industry, be it civil, naval and rail, requiring the use of equipment and systems for specific problem solving sanitation.

Innovative projects such as sewage and food waste vacuum collection plants  are also successfully implemented, as well as waste treatment plants, systems fpr Marinas, such as wastewater and oily water collection stations, and skids for the collection of grey water onboard.



  • single point of contact for the entire cycle of waste and wastewater collection and treatment.
  • promotion, sales, distribution, after-sales service system that distributes
  • design and construction of plants or "special pieces" based on specific customer requirements
  • efficient logistics and extensive sales network
  • highly qualified personnel for the installation and technical support
  • large and stocked warehouse that allows timely customer service with final delivery of components and spare parts required.
  • Quality: All systems and components produced or distributed by the company are manufactured under quality control. ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • qualified supplier of primary national and foreign groups
  • reliability and attention to its customers




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